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Name:E%patriate Darkleer

Your name is DARKLEER.

You have so much fucking SWAG.

While you would never be so BRAZEN as to assume that you possess as much SWAG as ONE OF HIGHER BLOOD THAN YOURSELF, you still have to admit that you're PRETTY DAMN MANLY. Just look at these BULGING PECS, your fantastic AIM, what's not to like? Unfortunately, you did kind of BITCH OUT during an ASSIGNMENT OF GREAT IMPORTANCE, stripping you of your military rank sending you into EXILE, wanted by even the CONDESCE herself. But we don't talk about THAT INCIDENT anymore.

Your theoretical trolltag is odysseusChallenger and you D ==> Speak in a rather refined manner.

What will you do?

(This is an RP journal for the character Expatriate Darkleer from the web comic Homestuck, currently played by [personal profile] ultimatecarl at [community profile] jarjammed! HMD/Contact post can be found here!)
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